12 thoughts on “Portrait

      • Some yes. I love movies like Alien and sequels. I even enjoyed the plots of some of the Saw movies. Not Saw 1 but some of the rest. There was one on TV I don’t remember the name about a glass house gifted to a man with a couple kids, that was filled with ghosts. But I don’t care for movies that are just gore for gore sake. IF it is all just kill , kill, kill, and no plot, I don’t have any interest. How about you?

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        • Have you seen Alien: Covenant I found it enjoyable, the Saw series for a while was the best thing going somewhere tho they went gore for the sake of it, does look like they are bring it back I’m not holding my breath on it tho…

          Ive found that suspense seems to scare me more than useless violence in a way, the whole what would I do in that sort of situation kind of thing…

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        • I agree. I have missed two Alien movies I think. I missed Covenant which is the last one , correct? I also missed the Prometheus. I remember as a kid of about 12-13 and was taken to see “Friday the 13th” and I laughed all the way through it. I just did not see it as scary. I realize now because of the plot , it was missing. Hugs

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        • I haven’t seen Prometheus but it wasn’t mandatory going into Covenant, I’d say give it a go if you have time to kill, as much as it obviously deals with the aliens, there’s a fantastic subplot that deals with creationism it went a lot deeper than I expected honestly solid film all around…

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        • Thank you. I will add it to my list. Cory do you find you have far little time to get to everything you plan for each day. I have two computers running ( plus my Iphone plus and my I pad ) and I can get to all the emails and blogs on one, and all the videos and shows on the other. Plus every now and again I have to take time out to eat and sleep. Then some silly idjit installed a 32 inch TV in my office that mostly sits blank but every now and them demands to be watched. I need a Secretary! 😅😀. Let me know when ever you find a good movie. I just watched Wonder Woman and Guardians of the galaxy 2 this week. Hugs

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        • Same here I ask myself where in the world does all the time go, I see your television is like mine poor thing practically serves no purpose saddly somewhere along the way I just lost interest in tv years ago, i usually get my updates on things from the little bit of world and local news I watch at the office, or usually from bloggers such as yourself and others who keep up on current events…

          Goodness you’ve got yourself a set up there, computer wise are you doing one monitor or two, give it a try if you ever have the chance too you’d be surprised after a while it really does become second nature…

          I saw Wonder Woman i found it very enjoyable, what were your thoughts on it?

          Believe me I know the feeling of being behind on things lol, just don’t get too behind on eating or sleeping all the rest can wait for another day…

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        • I use two monitors, one is a 27 inch and the other is a 24 inch. Thinking of updating to a second 27 inch. Ron build my office. It has everything except a fridge. Like the TV , I have not used my X-boxes in a long time and have forgotten my halo skills. I loved halo, but then never had time to get back to it. Have to try to set an hour or two a day for it. As for rest, part of my problem is the fatigue I suffer right now. I am so tired I can not function. I have to wait until next month to see the doctor who will tell me if it is tumors on the thyroid. If so easy surgery and I get better, if not we check other things. As for wonder woman, I loved it. Be well Cory, Hugs

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