2 thoughts on “Slip ~ Cory’s Clips #95

  1. Ouch…. True story, once Ron and I went to one of those drive through animal parks in Quebec. We were following these people we knew , and one of the people in there car was an old dude in his late 80’s who had dementia. They had given him a bunch of snacks and stuff to keep hi busy and content. He opened the window while we were in the camel area. A camel thought it got the mother load of food and stuck his head in the car and wouldn’t step back, he ate the snacks and started in on the guys hat and shirt. One of the other guys in the car had to start punching the camel in the face to get it to withdraw from the window. It was funny because the old dude never understood what was happening and was laughing his butt off while the women were all upset and yelling. Ron and I were listening on the walkie talkies and seen the video later. Hugs

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