No H8 #2 ~ Mixcloud ☁

Take a moment if you can and picture living in a world with no war, a world of no sickness, poverty, or disease, one where the appearances of others didn’t matter, what race you were and who you gave your heart too wasn’t even a second thought for everything in this world was based off love for one another, can you see it… Sometimes I see in my dreams, I know we as humans aren’t all that far off and it isn’t all that crazy of a request, I may not get to see it my lifetime but I surely hope for the day we can live in a world of No H8… 

  1. Angelina ~ Release Me
  2. Nate James ~ Don’t Wanna Fight
  3. Robin S ~ Show Me Love
  4. C&C Music Factory ~ Everybody Dance Now
  5. Golden Boy ~ That Thing 

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