Cinnabon ~ Classic Cinnamon Roll

Strange request from the office for supplies in November but I guess it’s getting close to that time of year when the weather cools, perfect drink for the situation…

8 thoughts on “Cinnabon ~ Classic Cinnamon Roll

      • Gevalia Heritage Collection Coffee, 100% Arabica, Ground, Medium Roast, House Blend.
        If made correctly it tastes sightly chocolaty. I make it lighter than other coffees. Ron normally like his stout but with this brand agrees with me. Lighter is better. A little cream and sweetener and it is almost like a dessert. what about you, do you have a favorite mix or way to drink it? Hugs


        • I have heard good and bad about the machine. Environmentalist hate the waste of all the little cups the grounds come in, some say it is expensive. What is your experience. I have thought often of going to something like that as we do like coffee here, Ron and I drink it about twice to three times a day. So maybe I should give it another look? Hugs


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