Police removing bodies from the Amityville house on November 14th, 1974, after Ronald DeFeo killed his father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters in their Long Island home. His crimes were later made into a book and film named The Amityville Horror.

6 thoughts on “Amityville

  1. I love the house, just a grand size. Notice the two men carrying the body bag and see how one struggles. I use to work in an ICU and often had to bag and then help security transfer to a cart a body in a bag. The are surprisingly heavy. More heavy it seems than a live person. Hugs

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        • If memory serves this is the story where the house itself is supposedly haunted, doors close on there own, voices, you know all the regular good stuff lol

          What are your thoughts on paranormal things have you ever had the pleasure of seeing the unexplainable, I wonder what such an occurrence would be like hmmm…

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        • With the right helpful drugs or a combination of the unhelpful ones you can see a lot of “supernatural” things. I don’t know Cory. The rational side of me says that there is no proof of and no scientific test has shown the existence of the supernatural. However Ron is a pagan and so am I. I do think there are energy sources in the universe that humans, or some humans can tap into. Who knows? And how do you fare on these issues. Hugs

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        • Hmmmm great question I keep my mind open to all possible options, if anything I encourage it just for my own satisfaction, but to borrow a line from a very smart fellow I know, any of my views can be changed verifiable evidence ๐Ÿ˜Š

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