Christian Care II

Today I went too Christian Care it’s a center where all the churches from the surrounding areas get together and have a sorta makeshift garage sale, they open only twice a month I think, I had never been before but I heard the prices were nice so I thought I’d see what they had going on… 

They had the usually stuff shoes, shirts, even some Halloween costumes, but in this back room area where they kept the appliances and dinnerware there they were in all there glory…

Yep there had to be no less than fifty different ones, all in such great condition my jaw dropped, I’m not too sure what it is about this series that I like so much, I reviewed one as a joke but in doing it I realized I really did enjoy the story, after my second review I knew I was hooked jokes on me I guess lol…

What a price!!!! Not even Goodwill is this generous, they do six paperback for a dollar and they definitely don’t have as much variety, I’ll show a few more individual titles to really show how good of condition they were in, just another another day in the life of a thrift shopper, another reason I try to visit as many places as possible, a gold mine can always be there hidden somewhere…

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