Cough Drops & Doctor Visits

Back at the doctor’s office, cough drops and Kleenex get boring after a while, lets see if they have anything better than that, here are some of the sights from my lovely waiting room….

Surprisingly more comfortable than it looks….

Well at least I can catch up on my celebrity news, maybe learn a few things about the world of bow hunting….

Some lovely wall art, I like the one with the little kid lol…

7 thoughts on “Cough Drops & Doctor Visits

  1. The one with the little kid is a famous Norman Rockwell work. I see so many doctors and get so bored waiting I always take along my IPad now. I can read the news, blog, or play games as I wish. Hugs

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      • There is no harm in going to a medical professional when you need to. Some groups want to make people feel they shouldn’t use doctors. Well one of the signs of a well off progressive country is the health care their population receives. I am glad so far you do not need to see a doctor regularly. But I am glad there is one available if you do need one. hugs

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  2. Hope your feeling better. I made a trip myself after two weeks of Mucinex DM, Kleenex, Sucrets and essential oils. Got some antibiotics and go back in a week for a flu shot because couldn’t get it then while sick. I don’t like going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary.


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