3 thoughts on “Open Mic @ Hot Dawg 

    • Blasphemy!!!! Lol sorry friend the accordion is a national treasure here, I promise it’ll sound a lot better after you get a few cold ones going…

      Saw one of those kegs you were talking about the other day, they are pretty cool, can’t wait until you feel well enough again to hear how it goes when you have a chance to use yours…

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      • I bought a SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser, Stainless Steel..and spent hours getting it set up. Couldn’t figure out the needed connections for the pressurized Heineken 5 liter kegs. I cobbled it together and had two cold ones, but it had a lot of foam. Not sure if I got it correctly connected. My blood sugars have been ok so I guess I did not over do. Hugs

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