3 thoughts on “Psychic Readings

  1. As a lark, a friend and I had our palms read while we were stationed in Georgia. The reader told me I would marry a woman and have two kids, both girls. My friend giggled at that as he knew I was gay as he was my boyfriend. However after getting out of the service and settling down in civilian life, I got into bowling. There on a different team was a woman who decided I was going to date her. I told her no. She told everyone else yes. She had two young girls from her prior marriage. Needless to say she failed to convert me to convert me to being straight. To her disappointment. Hugs

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    • Oooooh bowling you say I like it as awful as I am at it, think my last score was a 43 lol…

      I was tempted to give it call my only stipulation is that I have my reading in person, that way I can record it naturally, I dare not think they would deny the opportunity to show the world there gift rite….

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      • I was very good at bowling until the top of my right leg, the head of my right femur died and compressed to the point I couldn’t stand. Much less do a three step approach with a low leg sweep. Hugs

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