Doppelgangers & Chicken Tenders 

I went out for lunch on the other side of town today, I’d been wondering what the food was like at Reggie’s for a while now, for what it was worth it was great, I got some chicken tenders, but I can’t get over the waitress, she was kind as any waitress would be, I just cant get over how much she looked like… well it matters not any names but the resemblance was almost scary, so much so I couldn’t order from shock value alone lol, I kinda feel bad for her in a way, you know how sometimes they say you feel someone’s eyes on you, I can only imagine she felt mine…

When she left after bringing the food all the things I wanted to tell her twin came rushing in, all the wanting for longer than I can remember to see her were fresh again, but as fast as they came they were gone again when she brought the bill, the likelihood of ever seeing her twin and saying all those things are nonexistent, and for what it’s worth I’m ok with that, I left a tip and walked out, I figure as I leave all that behind at the restaurant, I’m able to leave all those memories too, now I can head off to greener pastures…

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