Rose & The Whirlpool 

I been really enjoying the water at the health club more and more lately, no one really ever had goes into the pool area all but the same usual faces, there’s this nice older lady who takes auqa aerobics, soon as it’s over she heads over to the tub, says it relaxes her aches and pains away, her name Rose she likes to talk about her grandchildren a lot, I like hearing the stories and the passion she has in telling them, sometimes cool people can be found in the last place you’d ever think to find them…

3 thoughts on “Rose & The Whirlpool 

  1. I am glad you like it. Hot tubs and jacuzzis are wonderful for muscles and even some bone problems. In fact we have an inside the home 2 man hot tub we use to have in the master bathroom off our bedroom that my doctor said we needed for my twisted back and dying bones. Sadly a few years ago took it out of the bathroom and now it sits in our son’s room. The plan is to build a side room under part of the car port for it. Anyway. Be well

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