8 thoughts on “Evelyn McHale

  1. You have heard about the big Logan Paul video controversy? I am not sure any suicide can be called beautiful. Maybe end of life for humanitarian reasons could be, but for me tragic is the word that comes to mind. Hugs

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    • Would you consider possibly making a video on the subject, I’ve seen that name trending everywhere but I’m really out the loop of pop culture, but I can say there’s a underworld that exists a place where some people actually see beauty in death and torture, strange stuff out there…

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      • I am thinking of doing a video on suicide and euthanasia. Not sure I know enough about death cults but basically that is what the abrahamic religions are, death cults. It is all about sacrifice for sin and rebirth. Life after death shit. So maybe. I will think on it.

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    • It’s tragic indeed.. Scottie..
      But I think they are referring to her perfect landing..
      She landed with just grace.. almost undisturbed..except for the car top sinking into form of her body.. she lies there looking as beautiful as ever…

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