4 thoughts on “Eighty Five…

  1. I find this sad. I do not think the man was just dumb, and unable to understand math or years. I do not know if the man was just confused but he seems to have the early stages of either dementia or alzheimer’s. Either way he is very upset and that shows a lack of ability to deal with the situation. Hugs

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    • I agree the old man was rite I mean if born in forty three it would it would in fact make him seventy five as he said…

      I think the guy behind the counter was just giving him a hard time cause he was laughing, the old man was certainly passionate I’ll say that much…

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      • That is why I was concern. A normal person would either laugh it off , ignore the man behind the counter, or curse him out and let it go. The old man got very upset over it, and responded out of proportion. That worries me. I hope he just wanted to prove a point. Hugs

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