6 thoughts on “Tom Torlino 

  1. I was surprised to learn that some tribes have a belief that cutting their hair interferes with their native abilities. A remember a rather famous Army trial / study that used native American Indian trackers. They did so well at tracking the Army inducted them, and over their objections insisted on giving them military haircuts. They could no longer track. The Army let the grow their hair out and gradually their skill returned. There is different ways to take the study, but that is the history of it. Hugs

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      • And it’s sad that so much emphasis is still placed on ‘white’ or equal education … when in actual fact the indigenous intelligence is second to none … as the white education system are now discovering pfft. This ‘equal education’ was more about assimilation than equality … well thats what happened here and we’re still trying to get ‘equality’ that wasn’t ours to begin with … grrr …
        LOL .. .well that was a semi long rant … soz my friend, yah got Me started LOL!!

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