7 thoughts on “Protect & Serve

  1. Shows you which was the better person. One hating the very existence of another and one seeing the other as a human to protect. I just wish the police officer had not been put in that position, it must have been hard. Hugs

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  2. Tell em to get out the way, Most states are open carry now, so Communist attacking scum can be shot. Mask wearing Communists welding poles and knives are not aware that there weapon can cause white warriors to use theirs in self defense. Moral to the story don’t bring knives to Gun fights this century. Any idiot who thinks the Klan has to hide behind Negros better read our history. We are often stripped of our right to carry at rallys so the fake hebrews news gets some footage to rally the Communists. Make no mistake your brave Negro was defending himself from the Communists in Texas. Maybe when enough Communist Scum die they will learn to respect the first Amendment. Stupid is a hard lesson to learn. We come to spread the truth so tell your police to get out of the way in open carry states we don’t need em. Never have. We can defend ourselves from Communist scum no problem

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