🐻 Welcome 🐻

Hey there and welcome to the madness that is my blog, not sure how you found it but I’m glad you did, sit back relax and have a look around I don’t really have a theme or anything that I go by I just post a little of everything I guess, below you’ll find a description of the different stuff you can find here, and like anything else in life it changes, so check back often for updates, hope you find something of interest thru all the craziness, feel free to like or comment anyway you see fit I’m not to critical on the way that someone expresses themselves it is a blog afterall rite lol, anyway have a great time and thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it, still don’t know how you found me tho but like before I’m so glad you did…

🏠Home🏠   Where all the magic happens lol, the main place to see the latest of all the wonderful stuff I post, well at least I think it’s wonderful lol…

📼Video📼 Random videos and things that I’ve worked on or that I think are cool, you’ll see all sorts of stuff weird, wacky, or otherwise but hey it’s my blog you didn’t expect anything to make sense rite…

🐻Welcome🐻 It’s where you are now and for that your awesome, why you ask well cause you’re here reading this rite now, I mean theres literally millions of other blogs I’m sure you could be enjoying yet you’re here so that makes you awesome to me, and because your awesome enough to read this terribly boring description i’ll clue you in on a secret there’s a secret link I hid somewhere, where’s it at or what does it lead too, well find it and see for yourself I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, there are clues in my posts happy hunting…

🐼Vlog🐼 My more personal videos are found here, wanna see go thrift shopping, maybe you wanna see an awesome pickups video, silly life stuff… oh come on of course you do lol, all that and more can be found here…📹

📒Stories📒 Well a blog would really be a blog if I didn’t write anything, here you’ll find my little writings, poems, songs, thoughts and ideas, and all sorts of other crazy things you’ll find here…📚

💌Mail Bag💌 Wanna tell me how awesome my blog is, maybe you wanna tell me how awful it is, either are acceptable and encouraged, feel free to do it here and I’ll respond accordingly, you can reach me by email or snail mail what floats your boat, who knows if it’s interesting enough I’ll post it, you’ll be able to tell everyone you made on a blog how awesome would that be rite…🙌

📷Photos📷 I wouldn’t say I fancy myself a photographer or anything but here you’ll find all sorts of wonderful photos for your viewing pleasure…😁





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