The Makeover Club ~ Suzanne Weyn ~ Review #75

Best friends Marsha, Sara and Clarissa are fed up with girls like Doris Gaylord, who by there thinking was just an airhead with a pretty face who flirted with every boy she came in contact with, Marsha was totally crushing on star football hero Craig Lawrence, while Clarissa had her eyes on going steady with the captain of the basketball team, but with Doris flirting around and acting like a jerk, nobody else had a chance…

Until they decide it’s time to fight back, if you can’t beat them join they say and thus came The Makeover Club, exercise, hairdos, clothes and makeup we’re a must, it all had to change it was the only way they could ever get boys to notice them the way the do Doris, especially with the sweethearts dance two weeks away!!! Would all there hard work be worth it???

A sweet coming of age story that follows the typical formula you’d expect, the life of a teenager certainly isn’t all its cracked up to be in the 90s, worth checking out for a quick read….

Namco Plug & Play: Ms Pac-Man ~ Review #74

Got this at Goodwill it was a little beat up and dirty, nothing a little disenfectant spray won’t get rid of, plays well for the most part it does have some lag issues which make the later levels really tough, may not be the arcade but it’s the next best thing definitely worth checking out if into retro gaming…

The Lion King ~ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ~ Review #74

Fantastically wonderful movie with a soundtrack just as epic to match, so many good songs, I never really noticed the power behind them all, until hearing them without the visual, Disney never disapoints when it comes to there movie soundtracks, it’s just as powerful as the movie and as much as I expected it to be…


Track Listings

  1. Circle Of Life – Carmen Twillie/Lebo M.
  2. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King – Jason Weaver/Rowan Atkinson/Laura Williams
  3. Be Prepared – Jeremy Irons/Whoopi Godberg/Cheech Marin/Jim Cummings
  4. Hakuna Matata – Nathan Lane/Ernie Sabella/Jason Weaver/Joseph Williams
  5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Joseph Williams/Sally Dworksy/Nathan Lane/Ernie Sabella/Kristle Edwards
  6. This Land (Instrumental) – Hans Zimmer
  7. To Die For (Instrumental) – Hans Zimmer
  8. Under The Stars (Instrumental) – Hans Zimmer
  9. King Of Pride Rock (Instrumental) – Hans Zimmer
  10. Circle Of Life – Elton John
  11. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King – Elton John
  12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John

Reel Fishing ~ Sony PlayStation ~ Review #72

A wonderfully chill simulation game simple in design but with great replay value, it doesn’t try to over do it by complicating things, just good ole fishing plain and simple, I really enjoy the soundtrack as well, really chill sets the mood for the game nicely…

Wayne Toups & Zydecajun ~ Fish Out Of Water ~ Review #71

So yeah lots of love to all my fellow Louisiana bloggers, I noticed the cooking lady is a follower of mine now, no love lost maybe now I’m one step closer to having enough followers too mean something to some people lol…

So I had this idea to reach out to some of the fellow bloggers from my area, I wanted to showcase all the things that make my little area unique from different points of view, sadly none of them took any interest in my proposal, this one lady who does a cooking blog had the best response lol, she says my number of followers aren’t high enough for it to be worthwhile enough for her to consider it…. Yep so what’s a blogger to do, well do it myself of course, why not it is what you guys come here for afterall rite…

With that out of the way here’s someone from home, I can almost guarantee you won’t see this one on many other blogs, which is a shame really cause I love Cajun music, it’s the sound of Louisiana and one I grew up on, Wayne Toups is one of the masters of the genre, I can’t really describe it, take a bit of country, mix some blues, add some soul and I guess you’d have Cajun lol, overall it’s a really solid album lots of songs to dance and party too, give it a listen you mite just like it…

Track Listings

  1. Fish Out Of Water
  2. Please Explain
  3. Chisel Without The Stone
  4. Rockin’ Flames
  5. Late In Life
  6. Sweet Stoup Shuffle
  7. One Heart Beating
  8. Ooh La La
  9. Night At The Wheel
  10. True Love (Don’t Leave Me Blue)
  11. Lovin’ When They Can
  12. Waiting For You

Marvin Sease ~ Breakfast ~ Review #70

Sometimes you just wanna hear pretty music, songs written to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, songs that say exactly what your heart tells you it feels, all the love you have perfectly sung by your favorite artist to set the mood…

Then there are sometimes you wanna hear something more real, your heart tells you a lot more than just pretty words and melodies sometimes when your in love, it’s just if you choose too wanna listen to it or not lol, and for times like those we have this, songs of lust, desire, infidelity, breakups and everything else you can imagine, it takes a certain kinda of bravery to write this way, on the surface it seems extreme and out there, as my aunt would call it secular music, but to me it was one those we all think of it sort of situations…

Solid album from Marvin as always, I knew what to expect going in but it was still a lot of fun to listen too, takes me back to the beginning of my music journey, it was all gospel, zydeco, and sometimes country back then, I never would have thought an artist dare sing the way he does, I learned beauty in the art of expression, Marvin and a few others let me know that music had no rules, it was a feelings thing and no one should be stifled from what they feel, music didn’t have to sound like what I was used too or anything that I would in the future, after that I wanted to see more, how far could music really go, there had to be more than what I what knew, thus began my journey to the underground, haven’t been back since lol…


Love Is A Game 5:24
Same Old Woman 4:26
I Belong To You 5:07
Lately 5:16
I Can’t Forget You Girl 6:34
Condom On Your Tongue 4:56
I Ate You For My Breakfast 3:04
Tell Me 4:12