Marvin Sease ~ Breakfast ~ Review #70

Sometimes you just wanna hear pretty music, songs written to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, songs that say exactly what your heart tells you it feels, all the love you have perfectly sung by your favorite artist to set the mood…

Then there are sometimes you wanna hear something more real, your heart tells you a lot more than just pretty words and melodies sometimes when your in love, it’s just if you choose too wanna listen to it or not lol, and for times like those we have this, songs of lust, desire, infidelity, breakups and everything else you can imagine, it takes a certain kinda of bravery to write this way, on the surface it seems extreme and out there, as my aunt would call it secular music, but to me it was one those we all think of it sort of situations…

Solid album from Marvin as always, I knew what to expect going in but it was still a lot of fun to listen too, takes me back to the beginning of my music journey, it was all gospel, zydeco, and sometimes country back then, I never would have thought an artist dare sing the way he does, I learned beauty in the art of expression, Marvin and a few others let me know that music had no rules, it was a feelings thing and no one should be stifled from what they feel, music didn’t have to sound like what I was used too or anything that I would in the future, after that I wanted to see more, how far could music really go, there had to be more than what I what knew, thus began my journey to the underground, haven’t been back since lol…


Love Is A Game 5:24
Same Old Woman 4:26
I Belong To You 5:07
Lately 5:16
I Can’t Forget You Girl 6:34
Condom On Your Tongue 4:56
I Ate You For My Breakfast 3:04
Tell Me 4:12

Whitney Houston ~ Whitney ~ Review #69

The late 80s and early 90s were such good times for Whitney Houston she was literally a force to be reckoned with, if nothing else she was the face of an entire genre, I wonder the pressure she must have felt to deliver on this her second project, the first was so well received I wonder if she had any doubt she could deliver, she definitely did with this one, all the things with the first that made her a household name were here again in full force, songs to dance too, power ballads of love to sing too, and the signature love song to cry to cry too done if course in typical Whitney fashion, definitely worth a listen for any fan of R&B…

Track Listings

  1. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  2. Just the Lonely Talking Again
  3. Love Will Save the Day
  4. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
  5. So Emotional
  6. Where You Are
  7. Love Is a Contact Sport
  8. You’re Still My Man
  9. For the Love of You
  10. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  11. I Know Him So Well – Whitney Houston & Cissy Houston

Aaliyah ~ Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number ~ Review #68

I was a little late with getting around to hearing this one but even listening to it today it still sounds amazing, definitely has that 90s feel to it but some of the songs are just so smooth it doesn’t feel dated at all, looks like R. Kelly did most of the production and it shows, I’m guessing this was around the 12 Play era, the instrumentals have the same kinda feel to them, gone far too soon this is definitely worth a listen to any fan of R&B, a bit of something for everyone with this one…

Track Listings

  1. Intro
  2. Throw Your Hands Up
  3. Back & Forth
  4. Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number
  5. Down with the Clique
  6. At Your Best (You Are Love)
  7. No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do
  8. I’m So into You
  9. Street Thing
  10. Young Nation
  11. Old School
  12. I’m Down
  13. Back & Forth

Danielle Steel ~ The Ghost ~ Review #67

Our dear friend Charlie is living the life it seems, he’s followed the dream he always had if becoming an architect, he’s traveled the world over with his self described perfect wife of ten years, how could it get any better…

I guess things weren’t all they seem as one day to his surprise he returns home to see his lover packing, she wanted a divorce, there marriage had long been lifeless and boring she told him, the hurt was just too much for one man to handle, so Charlie decided to take a break from it all for a while to gather himself and find his purpose in life once more…

So while out and about on his vacation he stops at a lovely bed and breakfast where he hits off with the very attractive owner there, cone to find out the house belonged to her great grandma long ago, they talk all day it seems until night falls and Charlie is shown to his room, unable to sleep he looks around where he comes across these diaries, not having anything better to do he decides to give them a read…

From the first page he was felt a strange aura taking over him as he read them, stories of love, betrayal, abuse, and saddness all feelings of which he had known to well, something about the way the words went together he felt the energy taking over him in a way transporting him to another demension…

Will Charlie be able to escape the other world in enough time to keep his soul in tact? Can he face his demons brought on by his soon too be ex-wife? Is Daniel Steel running out of ideas cause this has nothing to do with romance at all… I haven’t a clue but to find out give it a read, I’m sure it’s to die for 👻

The Cowboys Christmas Courtship ~ Brenda Minton ~ Review #67

This summer so far has been a real scorcher, no better time than now I suppose to give this one a peak…

Life on the ranch for Layla wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but it was the only life she knew, ever since her parents died in a car crash when she was nineteen she took the responsibility of putting fashion school on hold and raising her brother herself, a few years go by and Layla has found herself not only exausted from her two jobs but has found herself lonely as well, with all the responsibilities she has no time for a social life let alone love…

Well that was until she met up with her old flame Gage Cooper, he had found his way back to Oklahoma after a bull riding accident left him banged up pretty bad, Layla knew Gage wasn’t the kinda guy her mother would have approved of but as she watched him standing there in front of the feed store, rugged just as she remembered she felt something within herself and she knew she had to try…

There first encounter was less than romantic, Gage had changed quite a bit since they had seen each other last, seems with his near death experience bull ridding he had found salvation in religion, Layla was so taken back by all of this, it was an instant attraction but with how much she saw he had changed would Gage reciprocate was the question…

So… Will Gage find himself able to love again, the accident had sent him into such a depression the only thing that made any sense to him was the bible, will Layla be able to make a breakthrough to the man of her dreams, she knew he was all she ever wanted in her life, the perfect man to help her run the ranch and be a positive male influence to her brother but she also knew there was anger there and resentment from the past was it something she was willing to work with on her way to happiness…

Only one way to find out, give it a read maybe love does in fact conquer all this Christmas holiday… 

Necro ~ The Sexorcist ~ Review #66

As the old saying goes sex sells, let’s be honest here it does, be it eye candy on the TV screen selling you some crazy new product you just have to have, seriously I still can’t believe I saw Mr Clean twerking selling cleaning products, or maybe it’s that attractive person on any of the many romance novels you can find practically anywhere, shameless plug I’ve got a few awesome romance novel reviews in the works to keep a look out for lol, so why not have it be sold in music as well…

Here we have good old Necro, by the time I got this album I think I had heard about three or four projects before so I knew what I was getting into, but for those unfamiliar, it’s a hip hop album, it has that gritty New York style to it, sorta feels almost like a mixtape in away with all the little interludes placed thru out and what not, need I say anymore about what the albums about from the title so yeah…

I admit it may not be for everyone, but not everything in life is anyway, but for any fan of lyrical hip-hop I say give it go you mite just like it…

And if you so should happen to like it then I want you guys to check out fellow blogger Filthy Dee if you haven’t before some truly awesome dark erotica if your into it and a lot of other fun stuff too, this album reminds me a lot of what you’ll find over there…

Track Listings

  1. Who’s Ya Daddy?
  2. Pu**y Is My Weakness
  3. Who*e
  4. Edge Play
  5. Suckadelic
  6. Ron Jeremy (Skit)
  7. You Bit**es Love to Get Fu**ed in the A**
  8. Piss
  9. Katsumi (Skit)
  10. Out the Pocket
  11. Brittany Andrews (Skit)
  12. She’s Got a Great A**
  13. I Wanna F**K
  14. Van Styles (Skit)
  15. We F**k Virgins
  16. Horny Honeys
  17. Ron Jeremy vs. Jerry Butler (Skit)
  18. I Remain Stiff
  19. The Sexpert
  20. I Degrade You
  21. Vaginal Secretions

Peter David ~ Star Trek #18 TNG: Q-In-Law ~ Review #65

Looks like Picard has his hands full as we’re all invited to a wedding of sorts, despite the fact the families of those to be wed would rather go to war than to a ceremony, the crew does a decent job of keeping all those involved somewhat separated with least friction as possible, well that is until everyone’s favorite delegate and self described love interest Lwaxana shows up, but even still Picard seems to be able to keep his composure with or without her constant advances…

The rest for the most part plays out as would any other romance novel this one just happens to be set in the Star Trek universe, Q does show up at some point for a bit of comic relief but there’s really no gauging where this one falls in the time line, it’s more of a stand alone story than anything, I’d say a decent pick up for a romance fan but really doesn’t offer much more than that as far as plot goes…