Super Nintendo: Ultraman ~ Review #77  

So apparently choosing the hardest difficulty gets you the best ending, I won’t hold my breath on that, I’m more than “satisfied” with the experience as whole…

I’m not even gonna wait this game is awful, bad controls, horrible soundtrack, and lackluster move set, and even with all that i still like it for nostalgia sake, thought I’d give it a revisit since I hadn’t played it in forever, and yep…. just as bad as I remember it lol, I think I put two hours in and finally got to the final boss I could never reach back then, barely beat him but I did, and just as I expected an awful ending for an all around awful game…

Start / Select #2 ~ 3 Count Bout

  • Developer: SNK
  • Publisher: SNK
  • Release: 1993 
  • Genre: Fighting

Choose your favorite wrestler and survive the ultimate battle for pride and power in this classic arcade wrestling game – 3 Count Bout! Pound your enemy hard and kick him in the face! Make sure he isn’t standing to end the battle in your favor!

Start / Select #1 ~ Alex Kid: The Lost Stars

  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega  
  • Release: 1987 
  • Genre: Platform

The 12 stars of the Aries constellation have been stolen by the dark entity, Ziggurat! Then skies above Radaxian become chilly & pitch black. Only one of royal blood can retrieve them, & that’s Alex Kidd, the little guy with big ears, a big heart, and a ENORMOUS taste for adventure!

Namco Plug & Play: Ms Pac-Man ~ Review #74

Got this at Goodwill it was a little beat up and dirty, nothing a little disenfectant spray won’t get rid of, plays well for the most part it does have some lag issues which make the later levels really tough, may not be the arcade but it’s the next best thing definitely worth checking out if into retro gaming…