Electric Light Orchestra ~ On The Third Day 

Smooth Blue Eyed Soul much needed this evening, relaxing to the rain falling real nice…

Track Listings

  1. Ocean Breakup / King of the Universe
  2. Bluebird Is Dead
  3. Oh No Not Susan
  4. New World Rising / Ocean Breakup Reprise
  5. Showdown
  6. Daybreaker
  7. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
  8. Dreaming of 4000
  9. In the Hall of the Mountain King
  10. Auntie (Ma-Ma-Ma Belle)
  11. Auntie (Ma-Ma-Ma Belle)
  12. Mambo (Dreaming of 4000)
  13. Everyone’s Born to Die

    Bob Welch ~ French Kiss ~ Review #57

    What’s better really than blue eyed soul and who does it better than Bob Welch, really smooth stuff on here with a little rock sprinkled here and there, songs of love, life, and partying, sorta music you just chill too without a care in the world…

    Track Listings

    1. Sentimental Lady
    2. Easy To Fall
    3. Hot Love, Cold World
    4. Mystery Train
    5. Lose My Heart
    6. Outskirts
    7. Ebony Eyes
    8. Lose Your…
    9. Carolene
    10. Dancin’ Eyes
    11. Danchiva
    12. Lose Your Heart