Police removing bodies from the Amityville house on November 14th, 1974, after Ronald DeFeo killed his father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters in their Long Island home. His crimes were later made into a book and film named The Amityville Horror.

Do The Right Thing LP

One of the better soundtrack albums, lots of New Jack Swing pretty good stuff…

Track Listings

  1. Fight The Power – Public Enemy
  2. My Fantasy – Teddy Riley
  3. Party Hearty – E.U.
  4. Can’t Stand It – Steel Pulse
  5. Why Don’t We Try – Keith John
  6. Feel So Good – Perri
  7. Don’t Shoot Me – Take 6
  8. Hard To Say – Lori Perry/Gerald Alston
  9. Prove To Me – Perri
  10. Never Explain Love – Al Jarreau
  11. Tu Y Yo/We Love (Jingle) – Ruben Blades/Take 6
  12. Fight The Power (Extended Version) – Public Enemy
  13. Fight The Power (Powersax) – Public Enemy
  14. My Fantasy (Extended Version) – Teddy Riley
  15. My Fantasy (Rap Version) – Teddy Riley
  16. Bonus Track 1 – Music From Do The Right Thing: A Spike Lee Joint

Jackie Brown 1997 ~ Review #39

May be surprising but this is only the second Quentin Tarantino​ film I’ve ever seen, the first one being The Hateful Eight, i’m not really a follower of his work all that much obviously so i’m not sure where this one ranks in the catalog but I found it really enjoyable… 

It’s the story of this flight attendant lady played by the beautiful Pam Grier, she moves drugs, firearms, and whatever else for a crime boss played by Sam Jackson, at some point she ends up getting caught, crime boss guy learns of this and out of fear of her becoming an informant he orders one of his guys to have her taken care of, somehow in the course of picking up the flight attendant​ and learning her past and whatnot he begins to find himself conflicted as he finds himself having feelings for her, he knows he has job to do but his heart says otherwise, knowing still that if he does not carry out his order then it will be him that is too die as well… 

It’s a fantastic film really all the characters have deep and engaging backstories, it’s also very well cast I don’t think I could have seen anyone play the roles better than who they got for them, the movie plays out like one of the old fashioned blaxploitation films so if you’re a fan of that you’d definitely be of this I think, it’s a mix of edgy and violence that kept me entertained all the way to the end…

It’s one of those hidden meaning and angle kinda films, I think it takes more than one watch to fully​ understand the plot all the way, so if suspense is your thing or maybe your already a fan of Quentin Tarantino then give it a go it’s definitely worth a watch…