M ~ Pop Muzik LP

Nice little album I’ve been enjoying, something about those synths get me everytime, hadn’t seen anyone post the promo version, only difference is the album art…

Track Listings

  1. Pop Muzic
  2. That’s The Way The Money Goes
  3. Moonlight And Muzak
  4. M Factor
  5. Moderne Man
  6. Satisfy Your Lust
  7. Woman Make Man
  8. Unite Your Nation
  9. Cowboys And Indians
  10. Made In Munich

Carolyn’s Mix #1 ~ Mixcloud ☁

A gospel mix I did inspired by an old friend, she was the closest thing I think I will ever get to feeling unconditional love, our time together wasn’t as long as I would’ve wanted it to be but it was enough to let me know I meant something to someone, and since all of you mean something to me, I share love the way she would always…