Common ~ Be ~ Review #5

What a fantastic album from begining to end, if I remember correctly Kanye did all the production, it’s all over in a good way, topic wise Common really challenged himself and it shows, I remember listening to this so many times it’s one of the few albums I actually bought twice on CD lol, so good on so many levels, not too many dark moments as with his other projects but it more than makes up for it with consciousness, Commons best work is always a topic of debate but I’d definitely say this is worthy of a top 5 mention…

Track Listings

  1. Be (Intro)
  2. The Corner
  3. Go!
  4. Faithful
  5. Testify
  6. Love Is…
  7. Chi-City
  8. The Food
  9. Real People
  10. They Say
  11. It’s Your World