M ~ Pop Muzik LP

Nice little album I’ve been enjoying, something about those synths get me everytime, hadn’t seen anyone post the promo version, only difference is the album art…

Track Listings

  1. Pop Muzic
  2. That’s The Way The Money Goes
  3. Moonlight And Muzak
  4. M Factor
  5. Moderne Man
  6. Satisfy Your Lust
  7. Woman Make Man
  8. Unite Your Nation
  9. Cowboys And Indians
  10. Made In Munich

♻ Bargain Bin #4 ~ Mac Davis ♻

I love the mystery of digging thru the clearance area and the bargain bin, I’ve found some really cool stuff no nmae and discontinued stuff there sometimes, hmmm so looking at this what do you think, will it be any good, what genre could it be, and most important of all will it have any heat, only one way to know for sure take a listen, never know you just mite like it…  

Little Axe Records ~ International Funk ~ Review #15

Ok lol so that’s not the title of it but if I were to name it that’s what I would, another compilation album of all sorts of stuff, I would say of the two releases that I have at the moment from Little Axe Records I like this one a lot more, I think I’m a bit biased as it’s a funk album and oh how i love all things that are lol… 

This one really pulled no stops there’s an Egyptian song I like a lot, then it’s followed by this German kinda of sound with an epic baseline, not all the song have lyrics but some do and there really good too…

I guess the same gripe is there as the last time with it being low-fi, I would have liked to hear them as they were originally recorded but it’s not like it’s a deal breaker or anything, the best part I think is that they include the artist in the credits, there’s a few other compilations I have where for some reason they don’t include it, especially with something like this knowing the artist is crucial, definitely a great pickup I think I’m gonna check into what other releases they’ve put out as of late, I think they do vinyl as well and I’d definitely support that if they did…

Dance Grooves V.1 ~ Review #8

A really interesting find from the Dollar tree, one of my first pickups way back when, definitely some good stuff here it’s lots of sunny beach kind of dance tracks, it’s a double disc compilation and for the most part i liked it, I remember it got a lot of play in the beginning no real gripes I can give for what it is, I do think it’s a little rare I’ve not seen it any of the other places I’ve been to, it’s worth a pick up if you come across it in the wild…

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Seamus Haji
  2. Sweat – Anthony Acid
  3. Most Precious Love – Blaze
  4. Gabryelle – DJ Technic
  5. Have A Good Time – T.M.L.
  6. Infused Trash – Greg Churchill
  7. New Life – Memento
  8. Thinking Of You – Tali
  9. Don’t Go – Peter Luts
  10. Changes – Inner State
  11. Sincere 2005 – Firewall
  12. Compadre – Manny Romero

Disc: 2

  1. Make ‘Em Share It – Wahoo
  2. You Got To – Lawnchair Generals
  3. Music’s Gotcha Jumpin’ – Groove Junkies
  4. Running Away – Belezamusica
  5. Yesterday’s Gone – Orekid
  6. Life – Grant Nelson
  7. The Power – Ian Carey
  8. Jus Luv Piano – Deepgroove
  9. Feel The Summer – Montoja
  10. Closer – The Pull
  11. Play Your Favorite Song – Amba
  12. Clear Sky – V-Block