Scary Stories 3 More Tales To Chill Your Bones: The Red Spot…

Who out there remembers these??? Took a look and came across one of my old favorites, you be the judge if it chills your bones or not lol…

While Ruth slept, a spider crawled across her face, stayed there for a minute, then went away.

“What is this red spot on my cheek?” she asked her mother the next morning.
“Looks like a spider bite.” her mother said. “It’ll go away, just don’t scratch it.”
Soon the spot grew into a red boil. “Look at it now,” Ruth said, “It’s getting bigger.”
“That sometimes happens.” her mother said. “It’s coming to a head.”
In a few days the boil was even larger.”Look at it now.” Ruth said. “It hurts and it’s ugly.”
“We’ll have a doctor look at it, maybe it’s infected.” her mother said. But the doctor couldn’t see her until the next day.
That night Ruth took a bath. As she soaked herself, the boil burst. Out poured a swarm of spiders from the eggs the mother laid in her cheek.

Ann M. Martin ~ TBSC #4 Mary Anne Saves The Day ~ Review #40

My return back to the wonderful world of TBSC found a few on my thrift adventures and at eight for a dollar how could I not splurge a little, I was a little worried the cover had me wonder if this one had anything interesting, but wow did it deliver and then some…

So rite out the gate we start in the mix of a fight, not sure how or why but it seems all the club members are mad at each other, had a feeling it was gonna be over a boy or something but it seems its over work, looks like Kristy took a high dollar job and didn’t inform any of the other members, which we all know is against the rules, they all argue about it a while then end up all leaving and going home, I guess the meeting was over….

So we find ourselves at school and none of the girls are hanging with each other, Mary Ann has found herself all alone at the lunch table and she’s approached by a new friend, they seem to hit it off well, until the other members notice and jelousy shows itself and a fight starts again…
Do the girls patch things up? Does Mary’s new friend have a hidden agenda? If all the girls are fighting who’s doing any babysitting? 

I liked this one this one it was a good one it went in a direction I didn’t a series like this would, glad to see it wasn’t a boy or a pet that had them so angered at each other, it showed the characters as being a bit more human than just the typical idea of what they felt a teenager should be….