Danielle Steel ~ The Ghost ~ Review #67

Our dear friend Charlie is living the life it seems, he’s followed the dream he always had if becoming an architect, he’s traveled the world over with his self described perfect wife of ten years, how could it get any better…

I guess things weren’t all they seem as one day to his surprise he returns home to see his lover packing, she wanted a divorce, there marriage had long been lifeless and boring she told him, the hurt was just too much for one man to handle, so Charlie decided to take a break from it all for a while to gather himself and find his purpose in life once more…

So while out and about on his vacation he stops at a lovely bed and breakfast where he hits off with the very attractive owner there, cone to find out the house belonged to her great grandma long ago, they talk all day it seems until night falls and Charlie is shown to his room, unable to sleep he looks around where he comes across these diaries, not having anything better to do he decides to give them a read…

From the first page he was felt a strange aura taking over him as he read them, stories of love, betrayal, abuse, and saddness all feelings of which he had known to well, something about the way the words went together he felt the energy taking over him in a way transporting him to another demension…

Will Charlie be able to escape the other world in enough time to keep his soul in tact? Can he face his demons brought on by his soon too be ex-wife? Is Daniel Steel running out of ideas cause this has nothing to do with romance at all… I haven’t a clue but to find out give it a read, I’m sure it’s to die for 👻

Bob Welch ~ French Kiss ~ Review #57

What’s better really than blue eyed soul and who does it better than Bob Welch, really smooth stuff on here with a little rock sprinkled here and there, songs of love, life, and partying, sorta music you just chill too without a care in the world…

Track Listings

  1. Sentimental Lady
  2. Easy To Fall
  3. Hot Love, Cold World
  4. Mystery Train
  5. Lose My Heart
  6. Outskirts
  7. Ebony Eyes
  8. Lose Your…
  9. Carolene
  10. Dancin’ Eyes
  11. Danchiva
  12. Lose Your Heart