Scary Stories 3 More Tales To Chill Your Bones: The Red Spot…

Who out there remembers these??? Took a look and came across one of my old favorites, you be the judge if it chills your bones or not lol…

While Ruth slept, a spider crawled across her face, stayed there for a minute, then went away.

“What is this red spot on my cheek?” she asked her mother the next morning.
“Looks like a spider bite.” her mother said. “It’ll go away, just don’t scratch it.”
Soon the spot grew into a red boil. “Look at it now,” Ruth said, “It’s getting bigger.”
“That sometimes happens.” her mother said. “It’s coming to a head.”
In a few days the boil was even larger.”Look at it now.” Ruth said. “It hurts and it’s ugly.”
“We’ll have a doctor look at it, maybe it’s infected.” her mother said. But the doctor couldn’t see her until the next day.
That night Ruth took a bath. As she soaked herself, the boil burst. Out poured a swarm of spiders from the eggs the mother laid in her cheek.

Shining Armor

In a way I’m flattered that I’ve some how been inspiring you to write

But I’m tired of trying to make sense of what here’s wrong or right 

I’m trying to take a break from it, but it seems morning, noon, and night

I face the same demons who shape shift into the form of you itching for a fight

I think you know well enough I’m close to healing from the others scorn

You don’t want what your asking for, you have been forewarn