Stevie Wonder ~ Songs In The Key Of Life ~ Review #76

There will never be enough words I think to give this album justice, some projects are just so good that they defy explanation thru words alone, it’s more about the feeling and this one definitely has a whole lot of feelings…

While it’s not my favorite Wonder album I can see why people say it’s his best, all the sounds and ideas he had experimented with on previous releases were perfected, the songs and instrumentals are deep and meaningful as always, they range from the typical Motown sound to jazz to funk sometimes all in the same song…

This album alone really got me thru a lot, on my good days there were upbeat songs so good I couldn’t help but dance, and for those not so good days there were songs of the same that offered understanding and reflection on my situation….

I’m sure everyone knows at least one song from this one as some of his biggest hits came from it, but if your anywhere into funk or soul and you haven’t heard it all the way thru, give it a listen it’s definitely worth it….

Track Listings

Side: A

  1. Love’s in Need of Love Today
  2. Have a Talk with God
  3. Village Ghetto Land
  4. Contusion
  5. Sir Duke
  6. I Wish
  7. Knocks Me off My Feet
  8. Pastime Paradise
  9. Summer Soft
  10. Ordinary Pain

Side: B

  1. Isn’t She Lovely
  2. Joy Inside My Tears
  3. Black Man
  4. Ngiculela — Es Una Historia — I Am Singing
  5. If It’s Magic
  6. As
  7. Another Star
  8. Saturn
  9. Ebony Eyes
  10. All Day Sucker
  11. Easy Goin’ Evening (My Mama’s Call)

1 Year Anniversary 

The powers that be have informed I have officially been blogging for one year now, and while I know I don’t do the awards all that much, and I don’t participate in any of the “popular” things your favorite bloggers may do, for this one I feel it needs attention, not for me but for each and every person who has ever visited…

I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for you all, more times than I can remember I wanted to stop, life this time last year was not a happy time and my early posts reflected it, looking back at how dark things were in the beginning I can see how no one would have wanted to follow what I had going, how could I expect them too when I really didn’t wanna follow myself all that much, then one day everything changed granted things were still dark but I figured if I push positivity it’s bound to come back, you get what you give rite?

Sure enough it did, all the support I gave to the community was given back to me, the more I stayed away from the darkness the brighter my horizons got, of course there were and will always be stumbles along the way I guess but that’s life, more than anything I can say with certainty all that once was then is no longer and I’m so very thankful, and it’s owed to wonderful you…

The more likes and followers I received, the more comfortable I felt just being myself, ultimately leading me to moving passed and pushing forward far beyond the limitations that were on myself by the hands of others, I’ve found not only myself but freedom thru it all and that’s worth more than anything I think…

Yep so here’s to another year of randomness with a few new surprises sprinkled in along the way, thanks to wonderful you for making it a memory worth remembering, may your journey be equally if not more amazing as well…